Anti fuel siphon device for Trucks
Anti Siphon Device Peterbilt Style

Anti Siphon Device Peterbilt Style

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Anti Siphon Device Peterbilt Style

Anti-Siphon Device (ASD): Fits Peterbilt style fuel tanks.



Anti-Siphon Device, Complete set consisting of:

a) body and head that is one unit,

b) new and unique fuel cap - silver color epoxy coated


The body of the unit fits inside Peterbilt style fuel tanks. Distinctive rods along body of unit. For use in North America and elsewhere.


HTS No: 7326.90.8588 (Articles of Steel)



Tired of cheap aluminum anti-siphon devices that:

Are easily bypassed or damaged to the point of being worthless?
Allow half the fuel tank to be skimmed while even leaving the anti-siphon device in tact?
Does not allow for proper airflow when fueling up resulting in you having to fill up at a very slow speed (time consuming!)

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