Anti fuel siphon device for Trucks
Anti-siphon for Scania truck

Anti-siphon for Scania truck

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Anti-siphon for Scania truck

Anti fuel siphon to prevent fuel theft for Volvo, MAN, Mercedes, Renault Trucks.

Following are some of the features of or patent-pending anti-siphon device,
1. Ease of installation. Can be installed within 5 minutes without drilling and welding. Very difficult to remove.
2. It come in two version;
    a. single wall (tube) with fuel inlet perforations of not more than 5 mm diameter for fast refueling,
    b. a double-wall (tube) with overlapping perforations to prevent insertion of siphon tube smaller than 5 mm diameter.
3. Robust construction to prevent tampering.
4. Made to exact match of exisiting truck's fuel cap so that the cap can be reused.


This device is for Scania 4, R and P series.

We make various models anti-siphon for European, Japanese and American trucks. Please kindly check with use for your unique requirement.

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