Anti fuel siphon device for Trucks
anti siphon device truck fuel protect

anti siphon device truck fuel protect

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anti siphon device truck fuel protect

Following are some of the features of or patent-pending anti-siphon device,
1. Ease of installation. Can be installed within 5 minutes without drilling and welding. Very difficult to remove. 
2. It come in two version;
    a. single wall (tube) with fuel inlet perforations of not more than 5 mm diameter for fast refueling,
    b. a double-wall (tube) with overlapping perforations to prevent insertion of siphon tube smaller than 5 mm diameter.
3. Robust construction to prevent tampering.
4. Made to exact match of exisiting truck's fuel cap so that the cap can be reused.

Our patented design is machined from one solid block of aluminum with multiple small openings that do not impede fuel flow and cannot be punctured or removed by even the most experienced fuel thief.  The outside groups of fuel thieves are able to render the stock devices useless very easily and with these devices you will force them to move onto another truck.  These people rarely get caught in the act but the pervasiveness of fuel theft is an issue that should not be ignored. If your tractors have no Anti-Siphon protection than you really need to consider the investment, the harsh reality is that you will get a return on the investment much sooner than you would guess.


The only way to make sure your truck does not become the next victim is to make sure that you have protection that will hold up to the brutal beating that these thieves will give these devices

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